Astronomers have just discovered a new planet, Haumea, where days last only four hours. They have also noticed that there is a star, called a “brown dwarf”, 200 light years from Earth.

Until now, no one knew of its existence.

Singularities like these, but much closer, go equally unnoticed. We live so fast that we often don’t have time, or the opportunity, to stop and admire everything that happens around us.
But social networks have so revolutionized our way of interacting, of discovering, that today everything is closer to us. Thanks to them, we now have access to many shows and artistic manifestations that we didn’t know about until then.
Something more local, what happens in the most distant place, manifests itself in full before our eyes. And, thus, we discover the works of many emerging creators who, otherwise, would never get to travel beyond their peripheries.
Mediterránea commits itself not only to established artists but also to these new creators, in order to show the great variety of singularities that, in any place, are born, nourish and enrich the ecosystem of the performing arts.

We are an amplifier that gives light and resonance to these singularities. Creations today unknown to the general public, but which deserve to appear in the programming of all the scenic spaces in the country, to become the stars of tomorrow.

From the Latin Singularis.
1. adj. unique, extraordinary

Monica Monferrer
Mediterránea Distribution Manager